Hi and welcome to my webpage. My name is Anders Fernström and I'm from Sweden. I loves all kind of Sci-fi stories, particularly Babylon 5, Farscape and Star Wars. Babylon 5 is in my opinion the best Sci-fi serie ever, because of the great story and character development. I'm currently living in the town Linköping, where I'm working as a software engineer at a small software company.

Work takes up alot of time right now, but I usually spend hours of my spare time working with LightWave 3D. Right now I'm mainly working on a few starship models. To see this models, check out my work in progress page. When I first started working with LightWave I was very intressted in making images, but in recent years I have become more and more intressted in creating models instead. So I'm not sure when I will get the inspiration to create another images.

Why the address fernhoo.com? During my time in the Swedish army I got the nickname "fernhoo" and since that I have used fernhoo as my screenname on Internet, so "fernhoo" was the obvious choice for my webaddress.

The following things on my website
> Images that I have done, using LightWave 3D.
> Some models, done in LightWave 3D.
> Images on models I'm currently working on.
> Maps made for StarCraft.
> Information about me.
> Links to other great Babylon 5, Star Wars and Sci-Fi websites.

Currently I'm working on
> Attempting to do some models in LightWave.
> Writing my own RPG.
> A computer program for a RPG I'm working on.

Latest news/events
> Updated work in progress page.
> Updated the about me page.

//Anders Fernström

Website last updated: 13-feb-2008