This model was created as a part of the "Neptune Class Destroyer" model. The model is a part of the ships weapon arsenal and intendent to be a gun, firing huge amount of projectiles, used to defend the ships hangar.


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Canon MG-480 T - Fireing    [23,8 MB]

Neptune Class Destoryer
Babylon 5 - EA Shuttle

Twic Nebula
Asteroid Field - Dernox

Beam LB-365 T
Anti-CraftGun AC-820 T4
Anti-CraftGun AC-200 T4
Canon RG-1800 D
Canon PC-1600 TD
Canon PC-920 TD
Canon PC-310 TD
Canon MG-660 T
Canon MG-480 T
Canon EC-1200 D
Canon EC-800 T
Canon EC-744 TD
Canon EC-420 TDU
Lanucher ML-9000 DR

Satellite Dish 01
Satellite Dish 02

Missil A

Work in Progress
Cursade II Class Destroyer
SkyHawk Class Fighter
E Class Fighter
Beam LB-800 T