This model, that I have named "Neptune Class Destoryer", is the first real spaceship model that I have done. Everything on the model have been done by me, from the model itself to all the models textures. Unfortunately I got a little over enthusiastic and added a lot of details, lights and other models (54 of my canon models) and since my canon models also are quite detailed the entire model becomes quite large and comprehensive. The images below took on average over 10 minutes to render.

Sub models
The following models (canons) have been added to the starship model itself.
> 16 Beam LB-365 T
> 8 Anti-CraftGun AC-200 T4
> 6 Launcher ML-9000 DR
> 8 Canon PC-1600 TD
> 8 Canon PC-920 TD
> 2 Canon EC-420 TDU
> 6 Canon MG-480 T

(not counting the sub models)

120 724
131 187 (counting objects that appear severel times)


94 039
102 186 (counting objects that appear severel times)

Objects (models):

21 model files (3,30 MB)


71 image files (4,45 MB)


Neptune Class Destoryer
Babylon 5 - EA Shuttle

Twic Nebula
Asteroid Field - Dernox

Beam LB-365 T
Anti-CraftGun AC-820 T4
Anti-CraftGun AC-200 T4
Canon RG-1800 D
Canon PC-1600 TD
Canon PC-920 TD
Canon PC-310 TD
Canon MG-660 T
Canon MG-480 T
Canon EC-1200 D
Canon EC-800 T
Canon EC-744 TD
Canon EC-420 TDU
Lanucher ML-9000 DR

Satellite Dish 01
Satellite Dish 02

Missil A

Work in Progress
Cursade II Class Destroyer
SkyHawk Class Fighter
E Class Fighter
Beam LB-800 T